About the music

Maria Iivonen has been making music for a long time, ever since she was a teenager. She has published her original music under the name of Mary Joan. She is a singer-songwriter who writes her own music from lyrics to melodies and harmonies, from basslines to drum comps. The music has elements of different genres: mostly neo-soul, r’n’b, pop and jazz. The music has been developing over time and not long ago she finally published an EP record including three original songs. Iivonen’s singing and songwriting has been influenced by many artists such as Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Jamie Cullum, Natalie Cole, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Beyoncé and Whitney Houston. She’s been also studying many different music genres during her education and her free time. Through music she expresses emotions and shares things and thoughts about being a human. Her lyrics describes feelings about love, spirituality and friendship. The lyrics also deals with sexuality, relationships, cultivation, and many more subjects that are close to her heart.

Mary Joan’s EP record called Origin was released in Summer 2020. Origin is a record with talented and amazing musicians: Tuomo Jakku on drums, Sami Juntunen on keyboards, Matti Perkiö on bass, Matti Salo on guitar and smooth backing vocals Anni Huovinen and Sini Sax. Juho Sirkkala @ Viralline Productions has recorded and mixed Origin with great passion. The record is mastered by the wonderful Jarno Alho @ Alho Audio Mastering.

Iivonen herself has performed live over 15 years in different projects. Mary Joan’s music has been on stage a few times with a live band. The live band consists of brilliant and professional musicians; the very same players you can hear on the new album coming soon. During the Summer 2021 Maria and these musicians made new recordings at Viralline Productions at Sirkkakoski. The first full-length record will be released in 2022.

First of July 2021, just before the gig at Voimalan patio, Oulu. From left to right: Tuomo Jakku, Sami Juntunen, Katariina Kuure, Maria Iivonen, Anni Huovinen, Sini Sax, Matti Salo. Photo by Vili Mäentausta.

Mary Joan Origin CD is available for you to purchase. Send a message to maryjoanofficial(at)gmail.com and you’ll get more information to receive the record. Songs: Sing With Me Mama (04:23), Seasons (04:47), I’m On Your Table (05:06).